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All of the vintage furniture on this website has been carefully sourced, renovated, and carefully hand-painted or refinished to bring it back to life and enhance its original charm, creating a truly unique piece that is an eco-friendly, sustainable choice. We can also help you restore a piece of furniture you already own, and if you can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to get in touch and discuss our furniture restoration service; we're often able to help source an item and finish it to your specification and requirements.

Welcome to Revived & Restored, a quaint family-owned business nestled in the heart of rural Staffordshire, specialising in the art of rejuvenating, restoring, and transforming vintage pre-loved furniture.

Explore our Online Furniture Shop and discover a world of possibilities. Whether it's updating a cherished piece you already own, recreating a design you've admired elsewhere, or giving your fitted kitchen a fresh new look through expert painting, Mike and Melanie (Father and Daughter team) are passionate about bringing your ideas to life. We invite you to reach out and discuss your project, regardless of its size. Learn more about us and our story, and take a glimpse at our previous work.

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