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Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer

We would suggest using Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer if you want to achieve the best refinished results when painting furniture or kitchen cabinets. 

Priming is especially important if you are painting anything white that is a Depression-era piece!  We cannot stress this enough.  These things will BLEED!  Clean well, and always use our stain-eliminating primer before painting these.

Woods that are notorious for bleeding are Mahogany and Cherry; definitely use primer if you are painting these woods in particular

It is recommended to prime with Wise Owl Primer before using the (OHE) One Hour Enamel Paint for extreme adhesion of the paint to surfaces.  This increases durability and longevity.  Cabinets, tile, and floors should ALWAYS be primed without exception.


There are 4

 color choices,

  • Clear - use under all colour topcoat finishes and when achieving distressed pieces of furniture 

  • White - use under whites or light colours

  • Grey - use under mid-tones

  • Dark Grey - use under dark colours 

Perfect for all of your prevolved furniture projects.

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