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Revived & Restored only source top quality, old furniture which still has a long life ahead of it. Our role is to lovingly restore and transform these carefully chosen pieces to create something that surpasses their former glory. We often add a contemporary twist using our hand painting expertise, giving each piece a unique finish, meaning any brush marks or inconsistencies will be a natural result of this artisan process.

Before any repair work (which may be necessary) is carried out by our own in-house craftsman, each piece of furniture is evaluated.

Our design team will then appraise the individual item to ensure that a sympathetic paint technique is used. Our pieces are then restored by either:

  • Ageing process – the paint technique creates an illusion of age giving the impression that the item of furniture has withstood the test of time. Given the age of individual items, they do come with the usual imperfections which you would expect from furnishings of yesteryear – but this only emphasises that each item of furniture is an individual, one off piece.


  • Solid painting - giving a crisp and updated finish. At Revived and Restored we appreciate the ageing process is not to everyone’s taste and we believe that this style is an excellent alternative.

Paint available from 'Sweet Little' www.sweetlittle.co.uk


We are passionate about our choice of colours and we’re often drawn to earthy and natural tones. We only use top quality, tried and tested paints that will enhance the end result.  

Although we attempt to ensure that you can establish the colour of the item from our website, we appreciate that sometimes photographs are not enough to make a decision as to whether a piece will fit in with your decor. If this is a problem then we are happy to send you a small wood swatch of the actual colour before you make your final decision.

Melanie Wright Design and Paint techniques - her background being interior design. Some of Melanie’s strengths are an appreciation of the market place we are in - what our customer base are looking for  and an eye to detail

Mike Castree Repair and painting - after a life in accountancy Mike has decided that he wants to work with what has always been his passion

Zak Hood Online Marketing - many years of experience working in marketing and e commerce for large businesses

Rob Day Repair - a craftsman with many years of experience working as a woods craftsman

Mike Castree


Zak Hood



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