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Beginners Guide To Refinishing Furniture

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Do you want to create three different pure-class furniture finishes like a pro, and you're unsure where to start? What's holding you back? - Don't know where to begin - Don't know what paint to use on furniture - Would like a super sleek finish - Don't know how much prep to do - I'm unsure what tools to buy - Which sealers, stains and varnishes to use on wood? - Where to source good quality furniture from? - How to clean up hardware, i.e. original brass handles? Why this course? Have you always wanted to learn how to update your own (and once loved) furniture… or that beautiful old piece that you picked up for next to nothing from your local second-hand store? Or would you like to create a piece of furniture you saw in a shop or magazine that would fit in with your new decor? This course will help you learn the basics and achieve three different looks for your home. This online workshop is a step-by-step guide on updating and restoring old and preloved furniture pieces with short, easy-to-follow videos and content that can be downloaded for your convenience. Also, guidance throughout whilst the course is live. You will keep this course and be able to revisit any of the content forever. End Goal The end goal of this course is to recreate your own pieces of furniture, either with a rustic, sleek piece, a limed finish, or all three. Once you know the basics, you will be able to apply this formula over and over again, saving you hundreds of pounds. Also, you will be saving pieces of furniture that you may have chosen to get rid of in the past into beautiful pieces you can cherish for many more years.

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Beginners Guide To Refinishing Furniture

Beginners Guide To Refinishing Furniture

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