I have been talking to Mike about this for years and finally he agrees we should offer an online course to you in the comfort of your own space at home.' A course?' I hear you say, would you like to learn how to paint and re-purpose furniture just like us?  

Three things we are thinking of offering:


  • Beginners online workshops to learn the fundamentals of furniture refinishing

  • Advanced workshops for those you want to learn different paint techniques and re-purposing pieces of furniture into something different like in working vanity sink units

  • Business workshops to help you develop your hobby of refinishing furniture into online business

This course is totally flexible at the moment because we haven't created it yet, but we would love to hear your thoughts or input on any content that may help YOU. Please let Mike and I know during this time how we can help you?

If you are interested in anyway, even if you don't know how we can help at this stage, then contact us either via email or phone me for a chat.

Want to learn how to paint and re-purpose furniture, or be an online business just like us, with an online course? 
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