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Dijon, Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint, Furniture Paint

Dijon, Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint, Furniture Paint

SKU: 93132.08

Chalk Synthesis Paint is a clay-based mineral paint that provides unbelievable adhesion, rich colour pigmentation, and an incredibly smooth finish. It makes painting furniture simple and easy! It’s also perfect for creative blended, layered, or distressed finishes.


Be sure to seal your painted furniture with any of Wise Owls finishing products Scented Salves, Tonics or Matt or Satin Varnishes to protect your paint so it stands the test of time.


A pint (16oz by volume) covers approximately 80sq feet


Mustard with just the right amount of dirty. Synonymous with high end fashion and elevated interior design. Yellow meets olive tones with warmth from autumn leaves, burnt orange and burlap shades.


Use One Hour Enamel Clear or Varnish to preserve the quality to this of the colour. Consider using Stain Eliminating Primer if painting over wood that is prone to tannin bleed-through.

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