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Autumn, the season that teaches us, that change can be beautiful

I always think that Autumn is an incredibly special time of year, this is when nature turns our green foliage into the most wonderful yellows, golds, coppers, and browns; such a gorgeous display of rich warm colours. I feel it’s nature’s way of shedding the old, whilst keeping its beautiful form.

Then Spring arrives, with lots of hidden energy going on behind the scenes, to create something most wonderful and vibrant; a new type of love, for our eyes to feast upon once more.

Mike and I feel this reflects how we work at ‘Revived and Restored’. We receive or purchase pieces of furniture that are old and tired, maybe worn out and sometimes in need of repair or maybe just in need of updating. Our enthusiasm and expertise is on hand to enhance any item. Hand painting with an array of different colours or tones and other techniques to return an item into something beautiful once more ‘Just like the leaves on a tree or flowers in the garden’, as Spring arrives.

Guess it’s good for everyone to have that ‘wow’ feeling when a Revived piece of furniture enters their home.

*Scroll through to see autumn at Revived and Restored workshop through to Spring here. Then there is a photo of a small chest of drawers before we got our hands on it and updated is with Autumnal colours*


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