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Garden furniture featuring Painted Lutyens Benches is coming to Revived and Restored!

After a glorious bank holiday weekend, we are sure many of you are looking to give your garden some TLC. So to celebrate the start of summer, we are helping you out by launching a new range of garden furniture featuring painted Lutyens benches!

Although many of you may not be acquainted with the many English manors and war memorials designed by architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, you may be familiar with his famous hand designed solid teak bench, otherwise noted as the Lutyens bench. Sir Edwin Lutyens is one of the greatest English architects of all time, and Revived and Restored have had the pleasure of hand painting some of his beautiful benches, which have an embodiment of unique characteristics.

We are giving them a new aesthetic by carefully hand painting them in any colour you choose, making sure to give them a primer undercoat with two top coats of Teknos Futura paint (available from Holman Specialist Paints Ltd) which provides an eggshell finish, for extra durability, and as Teknos themselves say, an “excellent resistance to weather and UV rays”. An absolute must for protecting your garden furniture!

If the reputation of Sir Edwin Lutyens does not speak for the benches itself, we have heard along the grapevine that Sir Elton John has 8 of these hand painted Lutyens benches, which he used for his stage set at a wedding at the Grosvenor! These benches are a distinctive summer staple for weddings and other events, and will bring an idyllic and picturesque edge to your garden.

All of our Lutyens benches are supplied by Sloane & Sons, the UK's leading manufacturer and retailer of garden benches, so the quality and workmanship is assured and the benches are guaranteed to stand the test of time. You can see their full range here:


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