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Top Interior Design Trends for 2024 - What the experts saying

As we step into 2024, the world of interior design is undergoing a fascinating transformation, marked by the departure of some trends and the welcoming embrace of new ones. High-profile home interior magazines like Vogue, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, and Good Homes offer unique insights into the evolving landscape of interior design. Let's unravel the threads of these expert opinions to discover the hottest trends and fading fads that will shape our living spaces this year.

Vogue sets the tone by bidding farewell to the once-popular Instagram and Pinterest-inspired design like this image below. The era of replicating trends from social media platforms is making way for unique finds and curated spaces; in other words, listen to your gut instincts about what you like and not others.

Fast furniture, with its short lifespan and environmental impact, is also declining. Homeowners are now inclined towards investing in quality pieces that stand the test of time. It seems that the mid-century modern angular furniture trend is fading, giving way to more curved styles. We are all about refinishing good quality furniture with our wealth of treasured finds; here is a perfect example of quality and curves from a previously sold piece.

House Beautiful echoes these sentiments, emphasising the departure of single-use furnishings and social media-inspired designs. The focus is shifting towards multi-functional, stylish furniture that adds value and versatility to living spaces. The all-white wall obsession is also losing its charm, encouraging homeowners to embrace warmer tones and bold accents to infuse personality into their homes. Good Homes magazine says, "Warmer colour palettes featuring shades of red will gain in popularity," Although House Beautiful predict that we will see the renaissance of browns and a wave of chocolate neutrals. Symmetry is taking a backseat, making room for more relaxed layouts and spontaneous design elements.

Elle Decor brings a touch of Victorian glamour into the mix, noting the revival of Victorian-era details in interior design. Ornate mouldings, a moody palette, and a nod to maximalism are becoming key elements in creating sophisticated and unique living spaces.

Victorian interiors are making a comeback with a modern twist. Interior designer Louise Booyens suggests balancing the opulence of Victorian style with contemporary living. The key is to unite period features with modern elements, striking a harmonious blend between old and new. Booyens advises against overly cluttered spaces and recommends showcasing standout objects or furniture pieces to create a balanced, curated look. This beautiful living room by Born & Bred Studio is a lovely example of a Contemporary Victorian style.

In conclusion, the trends of 2024 speak of a desire for uniqueness, sustainability, and a harmonious fusion of historic elegance with

contemporary living. As we bid farewell to trends that have reached saturation points, we welcome a new era of personalised, sustainable, and timeless interior design. The trends of 2024 invite us to reimagine our living spaces with a blend of sophistication, functionality, and individuality.


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