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What does ‘Revived and Restored’ have in common with the WASP?

It is a little known fact that Wasps are particularly helpful in securing a healthier environment. Researchers have identified Wasps, particularly the (yellow jackets) are extremely beneficial to humans as nearly every pest insect on Earth as they are predators and as such they play a vital ecological role, controlling the numbers of potential pests like greenfly and many caterpillars. Their amazing nests are constructed from wood fibres collected and then mixed with water by industrious wasp workers to make a kind of papier maché capable of producing very strong and long-lasting structures, a little like Revived and Restored



Yellow jacket wasp Wasps nest

Whilst Revived and Restored cannot claim such extreme measures in supporting the environment, we do believe, we too play our part. So often older, out-dated furniture is made from high quality wood which could easily be discarded, ending its life at a refuse centre/local tip.

BEFORE: this piece could of ended in a skip AFTER: Once this piece was 'revived'

This is where Revived and Restored play their part in helping with the green agenda and supporting a healthy environment. The design team come up with innovative ways to transform tired and old fashioned looking furniture. Using hard-wearing water based paints and varnishes, they have researched and sourced, they aim to please all their customers by presenting an updated and pleasing fully finished item suitable for homes of today.

The Revived and Restored workshop is located within their own grounds in which they have planted two small copse of woods, again assisting the environment by providing an ideal habit for local insects and wildlife, including their own home reared chickens and ducks also benefit from the opportunity to roam freely in this space. The workshop, purpose built in stable style, to fit with the location, has this year seemingly provided a place for Wasps to build their nest, in the external over-hang of the workshop. (See accompanying picture). Whilst Wasps can and will sting humans we at Revived and Restored have left the Wasps to come and go undisturbed and they in turn have left us uninterrupted so we can continue with our work of restoring and painting furniture.

Revived and Restored grounds Revived and Restored workshop

May we suggest you visit our website to view our restored pieces of furniture, which have been designed and hand painted by our small family business.

Please note we are happy to help with any enquiry and like the Wasps ensure you and the environment benefit by receiving an extremely good outcome.


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